Frenova Renal Research Expands Globally, Strengthens Move to Advance Renal Health Therapies

Frenova Renal Research has expanded its scope to include a global footprint. This means it can broaden its reach and provide researchers access to a larger pool of data, sites, investigators, and patients in a centralized manner.


The expansion will support Frenova’s mission to advance the science behind renal therapies so that people living with kidney disease will enjoy an improved quality of life. It will also expedite and simplify the start-up of clinical trials, especially with the combination of F1RST Up® (Frenova Rapid Start-Up) alliance of clinical research sites and manage research site business.


Trials looking into medical devices and pharmaceuticals that can advance renal health in a worldwide scope will have fewer barriers along the way. Frenova’s analytics and bioinformatics capabilities also provide biopharmaceuticals and medical device companies with the resources and assets to move renal health science forward.


Before its global expansion, Frenova’s focus was primarily on serving clinical researchers in North America. It supports nephrologists and sponsors who are responsible for conducting research specifically into kidney disease and conditions associated with it. The company offers researchers access to approximately 450 investigators and 250 research sites.


Now that it has widened its scope on a global scale, it can provide access to 550 investigators and 350 research sites approximately.



Why the Need to Advance the Science of Renal Health?

According to the National Kidney Foundation, 10% of the world’s population is living with chronic kidney disease. Each year, millions die because of the lack of affordable treatment.


Kidney disease has now become a global burden because it has an indirect impact on global mortality and morbidity. While it is often considered comorbidity of hypertension or diabetes, it increases the risks associated with five major killers–diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, infection with HIV, and malaria.


As one of the non-communicable diseases, kidney disease has now replaced malaria, aids and other communicable diseases as the most common cause of premature deaths around the world.


It’s also affecting the economy dramatically. In the US alone, treating chronic kidney disease is expected to exceed $48 billion per year. It consumes 6.7% of the total budget for Medicare but less than 1% of the population is covered.


Without efforts to advance renal health, the outlook could become worse. The reality is chronic kidney disease is treatable. When diagnosed early, its progression can even be slowed down or stopped.



Frenova Renal Research

With Frenova Renal Research providing researchers access to hundreds of assets and resources, it won’t be long before advanced treatment becomes available. New methods to ease the burden of kidney patients will also be discovered.


No other provider of clinical development services understands affected patients intimately than Frenova Renal Research. It operates in the concept to “Start with the patient in mind,” listening to patients’ feedback to make better protocols.


The company offers different services–Clinical Development, Renal Consulting, Project Management, Clinical Monitoring, and Bio information & Analytics.


Expanding on a global scale, Frenova Renal Research paves the way for researchers to intensify their study with the goal of helping patients living with kidney disease enjoy a better quality of life.


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