About National Institute of Clinical Research

With more than 30 years of experience in industry and academic research, NICR participates in the development of innovative and life-saving therapies through its dedication to and focus on clinical research. NICR combines the use of the latest technologies, streamlined clinical operations, and extensive access to a diverse population to deliver the highest quality clinical trials for life-changing therapies.

Diverse Population

  • Data driven access to any disease
  • Diverse Southern California Population
  • Rare-disease reach
  • Large network of physician affiliation
  • Access to top dialysis providers
  • Over 150,000 Patient Database

Phase 1 Lab

  • Dedicated Phase 1 Lab
  • State of the art capabilities
  • PK, PD & Toxicology profile specialized

Physician Owned and Operated

  • 30 years of experience
  • Academic and industry research
  • Dedicated Medical Advisory Review Committee
  • Managed by Physicians

30 Years of Expertise

  • Over 1000 trials successfully completed
  • Integration of speed of research with rigorous quality standards
  • Flexibility to conduct any study design
  • Highly knowledgeable team
  • Extensively connected to the medical community

Full Integrated Data Software

  • Centralized operation from all sites
  • Data management
  • Oversight of quality
  • Clinical Trial Management Systen (CTMS)
  • eReg, eSource, Finance


National Institute of Clinical Research is available to integrate your clinic with rapid introduction and set-up for the Code of Federal Regulations (Title 21, Part 11) compliant research to attract the highest quality pharmaceutical companies and protocol designs. 

NICR’s 25+ years of experience enables our team to understand your clinic’s operations, general population, specialized population, and expert medical procedures in order to incorporate research for you (the investigator) and your patients at no out-of-pocket cost or interruption to daily workflow. 

Please contact NICR to discuss your interest in adopting clinical research as we are willing and able to consult with you on your path towards becoming an active Principal Investigator. Our entire physician-network is accessible to our members, and we encourage collaboration between our sites and investigators.


Our Clinical Trials

The team at National Institute of Clinical Research pursues the newest clinical trials daily to provide patients with access to the most medically advanced treatments available for each unique situation in health.

Learn more about our active studies enrolling participants below – your access to modern healthcare is through our dedication to research. Apply below for consultation to our trials today!

Interested in Volunteering for a Clinical Trial?

Join NICR in the advancement of life saving treatments

30 Years of Experience in Academic and Industry Research


Our Clinical Trial Consulting Division focuses on helping life-changing therapies succeed in various populations. The team’s therapeutic approach provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and start-up firms with an expertise in clinical trials composed of a unique mix of specialists from the following fields: academic, medical industry, nephrology, endocrinology, hematology, and cardiology.